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What Should An Egg Donor Know Before Donating Her Eggs?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Donating your eggs is the most meaningful gift that you can give to those people who dream of a baby. Your donation is valued and honored for your entire life. Childless couples are not able to have a baby of their own but you help them fulfill their dream.

Egg donors would feel a huge sense of pride and achievement as they contribute to those intended parents. The sense of fulfillment cannot be measured with anything else as she comes to know about the successful pregnancy and delivery.

There are many things that the egg donors need to know when choosing to donate your eggs. In fact, there are a lot of Medical procedures and legal issues that you have to be aware of. So this article is for all the egg donors who are preparing themselves in contributing to this noble cause. A list of things you need to know shows below.

Who Will Use Your Donated Eggs?

Women experiencing premature menopause or someone with a congenital condition or being a carrier of a genetic condition usually do not have fertile eggs. Those women need the help of an egg donor. Women who have had gone through extensive fertility treatments without success also use egg donor’s eggs for the purpose of their fertility program. Apart from them, the LGBT group and single men also need your donation.

What’s Involved In The Screening Process?

The screening process includes a physical and medical diagnosis of the egg donor. You need to take a series of physical examinations to consist of hormone level, AMH, basal follicle, infectious diseases and etc. Her medical reports and egg retrieval record are generated along with the references to health history. Doctors also consider her family health history for traces of chronic illnesses that she might inherit. All these are done to shortlist her profile for the egg donation process.

Do I Get Compensation?

Of course, an egg donor will get appropriate compensation. Your physical tests, hormone medicines, and travel expense are all sponsored by intended

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