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How is the first IVF baby in China? Why do most Chinese refuse to accept assisted reproduction?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

42 years ago, first IVF child Louis Brown was born in the United Kingdom all over the world. After that, the first IVF child was born in many countries including Australia and the United States.

In China, the first IVF baby was born in 1988. At that time, China had already mastered this medical technology, but most people were reluctant to accept IVF, so there have been no volunteers.

Until a couple with fertility difficulties came to the hospital and expressed their willingness to be the first volunteer. The mother of the first IVF baby in China was already 38 years old at that time. Over the years, they had infertility trouble and there is no effective medical treatment for her. Therefore, she decided to take the IVF treatment.

Afterward, the first IVF operation was very successful in China. The couple obtained a baby girl and named it Zheng Mengzhu.

Now, 32 years have been passed. Zheng Mengzhu is 32 years old. She has no different from other people who didn't undergo IVF treatment. At present, she is married, and she labored a lovely girl through natural conception. Their family is full of happiness.

More than that, Zheng Mengzhu is working in the reproductive center of the hospital. And her main responsibility is to assist those couples who have fertility difficulties by assisted reproduction technology.

32 years have passed since the first IVF baby was born in China, and Zheng Mengzhu also proves that this technology is very reliable, but a lot of Chinese people are still refuse to accept this assisted reproduction, this is why?

China as a country with a large population, the penetration rate of assisted reproductive services in 2018 was only 7%, and the market scale was only $3.8 billion. We can figure that the penetration rate of assisted reproductive services in China is relatively low.

The major reason for the low penetration rate of assisted reproduction in China is that most people believe natural conception is better than pregnant by technology, thus a lot of people refuse to take IVF treatment. In the matter of fertility, the vast majority of women want to be pregnant naturally, so if they have infertility problems, they are more willing to ask for gynecology and obstetrics treatment rather than choose IVF.

In addition, the cost of IVF is relatively high, which is also an important reason why many couples don't consider assisted reproduction.

According to previous data released by Sichuan Jinxin Reproductive Medical Group Co., Ltd., at the end of 2018, the average cost of per IVF treatment and egg retrieval cycle was 41,935 yuan in Chengdu Xinan Hospital.

Moreover, the technology of IVF in China is not fully spread at the current stage. Up till now, the domestic market for assisted reproductive services is highly scattered. In 2018, the market share of the top five assisted reproductive institutions is only 16%. Because of the weak popularity of these institutions, many people hold a doubtful attitude towards the IVF technology of domestic private institutions.

Therefore, for couples with infertility troubles, IVF is only an alternative consideration, not the first choice. They are actually more willing to treat infertility problems, and natural pregnancy is still the first choice for women. If you really want to promote IVF technology into couples who have infertility problems, you still need to improve the technology and word of mouth, which requires a longer period.

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