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“Do I need a child?”, “How many children do I want?”, "When do I want to have children?” My call!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Frequently, we hear too many emotional blackmails from the society, which may come from the government "The falling population of children is national security", "Increasing fertility is good for your country", may be from the elders: "You must give birth of a Boy "or " You have to give birth to a baby earlier and give me a grandson ", maybe from a colleague:" When are you going to have a baby? Bella from the nearby department has a second child! " There is no consensus expectation between you and your partner: "I just want a boy when I get married." When will we be our own?

“Do I need a children?”, “How many children do I want?”, "When do I want to have children?” Are these questions related to this society? Isn't people tired enough to live? When shall we stop to please the world? When can we follow the timeline we make and move forward with our will? There is too much emotional extortion for us to breath.

According to the "Tehran Declaration" adopted by the United Nations International Conference on Human Rights in 1968, "parents have the basic human right to freely determine the number of children and their birth distance." Parents should have the basic right to decide how many children and when they want them. However, as the times change, parents are not limited to a male and a female. The homosexual partner or single women/men could be parents either. Especially for the single women, she cannot successfully find a "soul mate" at her marriageable age because of her life pursuit. If you are single but have no plan to deliver a baby now, so how to implement the right to have in the future? Thanks to the advanced of technology,

it can offer you more options.

When the frozen egg becomes your choice, then the timeline of life becomes free.

With the changes in global industry development and higher degree studies, plenty of people graduate late because of their career plans. In the past, many married women had to give up their careers and dreams to return to her family. If not doing so, they will suffer socially stigmatized and they can’t deliver children because of missing the golden fertility period.

Today, with the development of concepts and technology for fertility, global leading technology companies such as Apple and Google have proposed reimbursement mechanisms for female frozen eggs. So far, there is no scientific evidence that frozen eggs can cause unhealthy fetuses, but instead, many women can choose to freeze their eggs during the golden period of career. Therefore, women can safely raise their babies during the harvest period in the future. When frozen eggs become the world trend, women's timing of having children will not be restricted by the physical condition and social pressure.

IVF gives infertile couples new “outside” opportunities

The cost of civilization is still high. With the progress of modern human civilization, many civilized diseases still abuse the human’s body and mentality, infertility is one of them. According to statistics, about 15% of the population in Taiwan is infertility. The problem is increasing rapidly year by year. There are many reasons for infertility. It may be caused by infection, abnormal ovulation, abnormal uterus, abnormal fallopian tubes, endometriosis,and abnormal cervical mucus. It may also be caused by male sperm. Related to obstacles in transport, delivery, and discharge, including congenital abnormalities, hormonal abnormalities, infections, varicocele, autoimmune diseases, retrograde ejaculation, and even up to 10% of infertile couples undergoing a series of tests still can't find the reason.

Therefore, in vitro fertilization has become a primary method. Through IVF technology, human beings have another option to implement fertility rights and they can avoid off infertility problems. Famous companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Intel provide IVF grants, and the amount of grants is more than 40,000 US dollars. It is a contemporary trend to encourage and solve the reproductive rights sacrificed by many people due to infertility through these grants.

Sperm bank, egg donation, and surrogacy give people who need sperm and uterus a fresh second life.

With the opening and progress of mainstream gender concepts in Europe and United States, the proportion of same-sex marriages has increased year after year. By this time, many homosexual partners’ relationship have become more and more bright and public. However, many female partner homosexual need sperm, male homosexual partner need eggs and uterus. At this time, it becomes a solution for many homosexual parents through borrow the sperm and surrogacy from others. In addition, there are many women we have mentioned above who have missed their marriageable age. Actually, the quality of sperm is not easy to decline with age, but the eggs are different. After the female is 30 years old, the quality of eggs will still decline year by year no matter how the female persevere her eggs. If a young woman didn't frozen eggs at a young age, she has to borrow eggs from egg donors.

Many states in the United States, egg donation and surrogacy are highly legalized. State governments and hospitals have already established transparent, fair, and safe egg donation surrogacy mechanisms. Through the protection of laws and third-party trusts and lawyers, egg donors and surrogates are ensured. The rights and obligations between intend parents make the system more completed, and human fertility rights are further implemented and guaranteed.


In the first half of the 21st century, we are very fortunate that we have become more courageous to pursue the life we want to live, through such changes in technology, law, and social climate.“Do I need a child?”, "When do I want to have children?” “How many children do I want?” These are your own problems, and they should be your own. Although some states in the U.S have passed the homosexual marriage and surrogacy laws the road to implement fertility is still long. We will not stop and pursue our rights and believe that time will be on our side, and we will eventually have ourselves.

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