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How to choose the right type of being an egg donor?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It's a big decision for you to become an egg donor. At first, you’ll need to think about is the type of relationship you are looking for with your intended parents. Also, you’ll need to start thinking about the type of egg donation you’d like to choose. You suppose to choose a relationship level which makes you more comfortable. This will help BBL match you with intended parents who are looking for the same level of relationship.

As you move forward as an egg donor, you’ll face three options to choose: Known, Semi-Known and Anonymous.

1. Known Egg Donation is the most open form of egg donation. In this arrangement, egg donors and intended parents have contact and mutually determine what type of contact or relationship works best for all parties during the whole process. Communication may be through Skype, a phone call, email, or an in-person meeting, and personal information is disclosed between the parties. Known donation is the way to give intended parents direct access to their egg donor should they (or their children) have questions for her in the future.

2. Semi-Known Egg Donation allows egg donors and intended parents to mutually agree to some limited contact to determine what type of relationship works best for all parties. And while the communication may be through Skype, a phone call, email, or an in-person meeting – there is no exchange of identifying information. This type of egg donation allows intended parents to connect with their egg donor and get more information.

3. Anonymous Egg Donation is just that: anonymous. You don’t receive background information about your intended parents, and they don’t receive information about your identity. Both the egg donor and the intended parents agree to respect each other’s privacy during the cycle and in the future.

Known and Semi-Known Egg Donation are great options that allow you to establish a relationship with your intended parents, and to get to know the parents who you’re helping.

You can choose the type

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